Creative, enthusiastic and self-confident designer who is seeking to continually challenge his design skills. After completing a University degree in Interactive New Media Tech, I took part in a years voluntery work for a charity theatre company in the West Midlands. Follow my time there I worked for Panasonic, where I was responsible for creating printed material for multiple products that were sold all aropund the world. My role allowed me to manage multiple projects whilst working and assisting colleagues in cities all over the world including Beijing, Tokyo, London, Paris etc. To progress my experience I moved from Panasonic and enter the role of marketing designer in the motor trade with Vansdirect. While at Vansdirect I was responsbile for creating multiple events and themes to promote business weekly and monthly. I was also tasked with redesigning the company website, this involved a whole new UI and working with developers to insure that the UX aligned with the UI.